Registered user, cannot reach download portal

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Registered user, cannot reach download portal

#1 Post by 5-903 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:42 pm

Hi there.

I've been a registered VASP user / VASP 5.2 license holder for a while, and would like to access the download portal in order to get the newest VASP release and patches/fixes.

Unfortunately, all the login attempts failed. I can only use my existingcredentials in order to log in to the present community portal (this works fine, no password issues!), so I can view and post messages on the forum. And that's it, no way of reaching the download portal. I cannot even find a link to the download portal!

I'd appreciate admin's help. You may also contact me at

Many thanks, and best regards,

Jernej Stare, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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