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Questions regarding the compilation of VASP on various platforms: hardware, compilers and libraries, etc.

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Forum Posting Guidelines

#1 Post by admin » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:44 pm

What are the Rules and Expectations for this forum?
The VASP team will be taking an active role in moderating the content of this forum. To help you and other users with your post we require some pertinent information about your problem in form of a zip file. Any threads not following the rules of the forum will be deleted, closed, or moved to an appropriate forum.

N.B.: new threads will only appear in the forum after they have been approved by a forum moderator. Please be patient, this may take some time (up to a day).

A thread belongs to this forum if:
  • concerns itself with a question on the compilation of the VASP: compilation for different platforms, compilers and libraries, and problems you run into when compiling.
Please read the following guidelines before opening a new thread.

Posting Rules:
  • This forum is only used to report installation problems. Before reporting any problems please ensure that you have:
    • searched previously posted problems. Some questions may have been answered already.
    • searched our growing wiki that contains the documentation of VASP. In particular the Installing VASP pages.
  • Choose a meaningful subject name
  • Provide a report in form of a zip-file that contains:
    • The makefile.include file you use for compilation
    • The stdout containing all compiler error messages
Please note that zip files smaller than 8 MB are accepted only.