VASP site migration finished

The VASP site migration is nearly finished! All registered VASP users should have received an email from to set a new password. Only after you have followed the link and after you have set a new password (the old ones will not work), you will gain access to the VASP portal and forum. Note that standard users do not have permission to download VASP. Download is strictly limited to the license signatory and one license administrator (principle contact).

If you have not received an email from, please do not contact us. First ask your license signatory or your license administrator to register you. The principle contact of each license contract is able to add and remove users that are allowed to work under its license. We no longer add or remove standard group members.

If a license administrator or license signatory has not received an email from, she or he will need to contact us at It is absolutely necessary that this email is sent from a trusted source using an institutional email address. We will not honour or reply to emails sent from gmail accounts or any other non-institutional address.

If you have any questions concerning the migration, please contact us via after reading this news item carefully (please do not use any other VASP related email addresses; cross posting is absolutely discouraged and will lead to delays). Please be considerate when posting questions to, as we are still dealing with a backlog of emails that we received over the last few weeks.