If you encounter issues with the login to the VASP forum, please consider the following points:

  • To login, you must have an account on the VASP site. See the item VASP SITE MIGRATION FINISHED. Accounts need to be created without exceptions by the principle VASP contact at your institution.

  • If you are sure you have an account on the VASP portal (see above) but you cannot login to the forum, first try to login to the portal. If login to the portal works, and login to the forum does not work, please use the link “Forgot my password/username” on www.vasp.at. You will then receive an email from noreply@vasp.at and be asked to set your password (again). You can try to use the same password as you used before or set a new one. Explanation: Due to some issues with the forum software, it might be that the password was not properly transferred to the forum upon your first password “restore”. This issue is now fixed.