A new release of VASP, version, is available for download now (for all holders of a valid “VASP.6” license)!

For all VASP users who have already purchased a VASP.6 license from the VASP Software GmbH, VASP.6.1.0 is now available for download.

VASP users who have a valid VASP.5 license from the VASP Software GmbH or the University of Vienna are entitled to upgrade to VASP.6. Because of withholding taxes and other surcharges the upgrade fee varies between 1.500,- Euro and about 2.000,- Euro net of VAT for six academic users. It requires the signing of a new license agreement between the VASP Software GmbH and the licensee. The new license agreement will replace the license agreement between the University of Vienna and the licensee.

Due to many open requests, we will not be able to process upgrade requests before the end of March/April. Please also note that the terms of the new license agreement are not negotiable. Should requests for a modified license agreement be made, we will defer or reject the request for an upgrade.

Request for upgrades and new licenses need to be made either online or send per email to licensing@vasp.at.