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The VASP Manual

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Getting started

How to Install VASP First install VASP.
Learn Tutorials using notebooks, video lectures, etc.
More How to's, examples and tutorials on the Wiki, some lectures and schedules from previous workshops, etc.
VASP6 Features that will only be available in VASP.6.X.

Featured topics

Category subtopics (amongst others)
Theoretical background Density-functional theory, projector-augmented-wave method, molecular dynamics, GW approximation, etc.
Calculation setup Installation, input files, output files, INCAR tags, How to's, etc.
Electronic minimization Davidson, RMM-DIIS, Conjugate-gradient, preconditioning, density mixing, etc.
Electronic ground-state properties Band structure, density of states, etc.
Spin degree of freedom Spin-orbit coupling, noncollinear magnetism, spin spirals, constrained magnetism, etc.
Exchange-correlation functionals LDA, GGA, meta-GGA, DFT+U, hybrid functionals, van der Waals functionals.
Symmetry and structure Crystal symmetry, reciprocal space, surfaces, pair-correlation function for liquids, etc.
Ionic mimimization Structure optimization, ionic-mimimization methods, forces, etc.
Molecular dynamics Barostats, thermostats, ensembles, etc.
Ensemble properties Monitoring geometric parameters, pair-correlation function, etc.
Advanced molecular-dynamics sampling Interface pinning, constrained molecular dynamics, metadynamics, thermodynamic integration, etc.
Machine-learned force fields Training and application of force fields.
Phonons Lattice vibrations, electron-phonon interactions.
Response theory Static and frequency-dependent dielectric properties, Berry phases, spectroscopy (UV, VIS, X-ray), phonons, etc.
Many-body perturbation theory ACFDT, BSE, GW, MP2, CRPA.
Localized basis and projection Obtaining Wannier functions, SCDM, etc.
Performance Parallelization, memory management, profiling, etc.
Outlook Features that will only be available in VASP.6.X.


If you have questions or run into trouble, please have a look at the known issues and/or post a question at the VASP forum

Mind: We offer support on a courtesy base only, not as a contractual service.

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