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The LOCPOT file stores the local potential (in eV). The definition of the written local potential depends on the settings for LVTOT, LVHAR, and WRT_POTENTIAL.

The format is similar to that of the CHGCAR file, but it does not have the same data arrangement. For spin-unpolarized calculations (ISPIN=1, LNONCOLLINEAR=F), it contains a single dataset with the scalar potential. For spin-polarized calculations (ISPIN=2), it contains two datasets: spin up and spin down. For noncollinear calculations (LNONCOLLINEAR=T), it contains four datasets in the spinor representation of the potential. In other words, it contains the scalar potential and the B-field-like potential , , and in the basis defined by SAXIS (see LOCPOT-format issue for VASP<6.4.3).

Warning: Note for versions older than vasp.5.1.12: please check whether your version supports this tag (it is written out at the beginning of the OUTCAR file). Versions not supporting LVHAR might or not add . Please check this by searching for LEXCHG=-1 in main.F. If the line LEXCHG=-1 is commented out is added otherwise it is not.

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