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NERSC Berkeley 2016

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HOWTO: running the exercises

Atoms and molecules

O atom

O atom spinpolarized

O atom spinpolarized low symmetry

O dimer


CO vibration

CO partial DOS


H2O vibration

H2O molecular dynamics

Simple bulk systems

fcc Si

fcc Si DOS

fcc Si bandstructure

cd Si

cd Si volume relaxation

cd Si relaxation

fcc Ni

graphite TS binding energy

graphite MBD binding energy

graphite interlayer distance

A bit of surface science

Ni 100 surface relaxation

Ni 100 surface DOS

Ni 100 surface bandstructure

Ni 111 surface relaxation

CO on Ni 111 surface

Ni 111 surface high precision

partial DOS of CO on Ni 111 surface

vibrational frequencies of CO on Ni 111 surface

STM of graphite

STM of graphene

Hybrid functionals

bandgap of Si using different DFT+HF methods

fcc Ni DOS with hybrid functional

Si HSE bandstructure

Dielectric properties and RPA

dielectric properties of SiC

bandgap of Si in GW

equilibrium volume of Si in the RPA

bandstructure of SrVO3 in GW

dielectric properties of Si using BSE

model BSE calculation on Si